Classicvania: Curse of the Moon—I mean Bloodstained CotM

It is what it looks like.  It's nice-looking, but I won't lie and say I'm entirely on board.  IC as a studio tore their pants with me through Blaster Master Zero, a terribly weak love letter to the original.  Given they're under veteran guidance, you'd think they would put out adequate product this time.  I honestly hope for that to be the case.  It's not like I wanted to hate BMZ.  But the game's just that damn weak.

Still, my bias aside this is actually a nice move on Iga and IC's part.  Before appealing to metroidvania fans, they suckerpunch the classicvania advocates and give everyone across the board a reason to calmly wait for what might be a great product.  Of course, that's assuming said products are great.

Meanwhile, Rule 34 where.

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Holy shit! You know how usually retro-homages have that shitty hi-bit shit where half the game looks right but the rest is in like, 32-bit? Fantastic to see a dev completely miss that sink hole. It's fuckin' spot on.
Would have preferred a SNES/PSX aesthetic.
So did Bloodstained Ritual of the Night or whatever it was called ever get finished, or is it still in development limbo?
It's still in development. I don't know about whether it's in limbo or not.
I don't keep with kickstarter updates because I like my sanity.. Safe to say the main project is still in development. This is just an unexpected (at least for me) and possibly neat offering. Again, fingers crossed becuase BMZ was a shitshow.
I got an e-mail the other day urging me to finalize my platform choice for Bloodstained, so it shouldn't be much longer now.

To me it looks like it'll be a 7/10 mild disappointment, which I suppose is above average for a Kickstarter-funded game.

Caviat is that I wasn't impressed at all by that demo they sent out a couple of years ago whereas everyone else loved it to bits, so I'm probably just being overly critical.
What are the platform options, while we have your attention? I can see a PS4 buy provided it's not $50 out the gate. It's day one if it happens to be a Vita title.
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Good deal. I'll keep it on tabs.
Okay it was $10 so I nabbed it (inb4 goon jokes). Initial impressions are very good, really. This isn't the pitfalls of having to recreate the wheel, so to speak, as it was with BMZero. Quite obviously the game's both a love letter to Classicvania, and a means to get the more obnoxious of the Classicvania crowd to shut the hell up upon release of the main dish (Curse of the Night). It's adequate.

4-man (so far) switch up where all four have strengths & weaknesses that conform to the various trap and enemy placement issues. There's no wrapping/chip-read issues so enemies you kill stay gone unless plotted otherwise, thus making backtracking not a painful endeavor. They've done away with the clock but for some unknown reason have a scoring system in play. I also admit it befuddles me as right now I'm in life fatigue and thus can't concentrate on any one game for more than a few hours at a time—meaning I come back to the same score as long as it saves properly, also meaning easy scumming for jerks like me, but probably notsomuch for the Twitch crowd.

No more memorizing candlestock placements—the weapon container candles are colored differently so you can plan accordingly. Who you break the candle with is whose subweapon you get. There's some unlockables that go hand-in-hand with Rondo of Blood, though I haven't hit any that don't do more than expand your heart gauge limit. Health is conscripted to walls and candles. There's also a feature that lets you retread previous stages to search for alternate routes (again, Rondo of Blood-esque).

The game on a whole is easy, a factor that Intecreates never really seems to shake with their games. It's not the brutal punishment and bullshit fest that was part and parcel of Castlevania I or III. The bosses can be hard, but not impossible to get and then beat on a first try unless you're a kid with a yet-to-develop brain. Even then, a death at the boss doesn't take you all the way back to the start of the stage. Better, you have four stocks on top of the actual number of lives (and 1ups are easy as fuck to gain via score and utilizing the Alucard expy), so you honestly have to try in order to game over in this game. Boss gimmicks are fun and keep you on your toes even after you kill them proper.

My big complaint (aside of my own lethargy, but again that's Life™ related) is the subweapons. Been trying the lot of them, and they're all pretty lackluster. The good ones run the issue of being expensive to use (5 hearts. At my current max, that's 8 stock for such), the others are not very versatile in use—aside of the Sypha-expy's Ninja Gaiden-esque fire wheel, there's nothing that will get you out of a jam in an instant, or guard against the game's love of aerial enemies.

Worth ten bucks, at least. Rule 34 on whipgirl where.
Decided to play this as my first video game in quite a while. I got it for free because I backed Ritual of the Night. Whereas I'm quite worried about how that will turn out, Curse was actually great.

That it provided something of value already makes this Kickstarter more successful than Mighty No. 9 so I can't complain.

Did you really want it on the Vita as opposed to literally any other platform?
(08-20-2018, 11:11 PM)DDD-kun Wrote:


Sure they gave the excuse by ending official support, but these guys aren't an official Sony st-
>Official support cut means no more physical copies of any game and even more limited online support.
Kro gets it.
RIP Vita.
Even at ground level this is sheer unadulterated lunacy. Why the fuck would they cut off their own nose merely to spite their face? Retool the memory cards, stop sucking AAA dick so hard that you forget outside single and double A production markets exist, conceptualize and build something around Vita's connectivity abilities—rather, rebuild that shit so it can at least compete with 3DS/Switch, and you've got a lasting contender.

How the fuck do you get mad at a console made for games because it doesn't/can't run your shitty movies-as-games? And then punish the fans for fucking believing in the little engine that could have but parents hobbled it before it even had its legs out of the meat home?

Fuck Sony for this.

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