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Quote:[...] presented here in a special omnibus collecting three of the four original volumes in one!
  • There are 4 volumes;
  • Release 1 will be an omnibus that comprises volumes 1-3;
  • Release 2 will be the final volume, sold seperately at a later date.
Just... Why? What are you doing, Dark Horse comics?
Are you talking about Elfen Lied?

That seems completely inaccurate since Elfen Lied was originally 12 volumes. The amazon page seems more accurate.
Yeah. I figured something was amis. They probably meant each omnibus will contain 4 volumes.

Dark Horse Wrote:Cited as an inspiration for Stranger Things by the Duffer Brothers!

... Please don't plaster this over the cover.
It'll probably be on the description on the back. Gotta sell to 12 year old Netflix fans.

Elfen Lied isn't perfect, but it's still pretty good as far as action edgy manga go. Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou is a really neat seinen romantic comedy by the same author (my personal favorite out of his works) while Parallel Paradise is an amusing twist on the isekai thing.

On an unrelated note, Yonakano Reiji ni Harem wo is a surprisingly good romantic comedy. It's a pretty simple premise (Guy meets ghost girl, ghost girl conspires to give him a harem so he can have an army of descendants that can actually see and interact with her since the ability to do so is apparently genetic). While Reiji, the protagonist, is kind of cliche in that he's a nice guy who happens to be a bit of a loner, he bounces off of the ghost girl extremely well, and the other girls are pretty likable too (well, except the girl who's introduced in chapter 2 and hasn't appeared since then). Ghost Girl is just plain 10/10. It's just so heartwarming how much she cares about Reiji.
Just imagine the quotes on that box.

"It's just like the hit film Stranger Things™" - Some nigger
"Stronk wamens!" - Blogger guy
"It's OK to jack off to this bloody naked 11 year old because it's 2D!" - Rustle

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