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Ureshon is gold. The protagonist is really fun, and the main girl establishes herself as best girl quite distinctively 

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Weird dude.
i really like [Doronuma Kyoudai (RED-RUM) Futa Ona Saishuushou _ A Certain Futanari Girl's Masturbation Diary but its adult manga same as slut girl.
Picked through the first two books of How Not to Summon a Demon Lord. Can't say there's promise.
Alrighty, so here's what's up. Where do any of you get your physical books? I know about Yahoo auctions but that's currently a hassle for me. Hadn't done heavy checking on Melonbooks but I know that's at least doujin option. So spill—where do you buy/import?

No, not Fakku.
I only have one physical manga that I got years ago from Amazon
I can't even remember the last time I physically held a manga.
I buy Amazon. I guess ebay works though
Kay, then on that note guess I'll post various exploits here n'there and fuck up all their meanings since I don't know moon as well as I should at this stage.
(08-25-2018, 11:23 AM)DDD-kun Wrote: I don't know moon as well as I should at this stage.

Practice more and completely stop playing localizations.
TIme's the factor, not localizations. 15/24 hours involved in work, 6 more in sleep.
(08-25-2018, 04:31 PM)DDD-kun Wrote: TIme's the factor, not localizations.  15/24 hours involved in work, 6 more in sleep.

That doesn't sound like a very sustainable schedule anyway. Work less.
Can't. Need the roof over my head.
Goblin Slayer vol 5 was neat. I wish the anime was two cour so it could end there, but ah well.
Gobbu Akbhar
Been reading a manga called Watari-kun's ×× Is About to Be Destroyed.

It's a harem seinen manga where basically every female that the MC interacts with is a yandere in some way or another, or at least is heavily hinted at being yandere (even the ones that aren't romantically interested in him); though nothing too dramatic has happened yet, but it's definitely building up to something crazy happening down the line. Even the MC's loli sister and hikikimori aunt seem to be yandere for him (though they aren't the main heroines).

MC is a bit dense, like most harem MCs, but it does feel a bit more grounded than the average harem stuff. It's kinda like School Days (the VN, not the anime; MC hasn't slept with any of the girls so far), but not quite as stupid, and with a generally darker, more serious atmosphere. It's one of those trainwreck drama romances out there. It's still ongoing, so I'm not sure what's going to happen, but the given the title of the manga, it's pretty clear that the MC is probably going to die a tragic death by the end, or will get seriously injured or something.
I binged Goblin Slayer in relation to the outcry. Initial thought is every single person clutching pearls about the rape either popped a boner, has even worse man-on-man rapefic stashed away in their dusty chuuni files, or this is legitimately their first ride through rapetown. The cries are overrated, the signaling is unecessary.

Now lemme get into what this shit does wrong: The technical storyboard. It sucks. There's no other way to put it. Going panel to panel you have no damned clue what the hell is actually happening until you go back to read it again. And again. And then one more time to be absolutely certain. The artist absolutely excels at stationary profiles, but their storyboarding work and ability to lay down the action panel by panel is god-awful. Even the layout often doesn't make any kind of sense given how the eye is trained to move while reading comics.

That's the bad. The rest of it is fine. Okay chronicle style story, as I said in the shoutbox, where the story can actually get away with being episodic as opposed to serial/ongoing. The characters are charming while remaining hip-deep in complexity and the author's comfy with it, and so am I. I also like that there's zero pressure for GS to dick down one of the three (four?) girls who want him. He's too damned stoic and focused on slaying some goddamned goblins, and basically the ladies in question are pining for him for his dependable, unshackable, reliable nature that ensures that he can handle business, lend a hand if needed, but primarily slay some goddamned gobblins. Berserk this is not, and it honestly doesn't need to be. If there were a comfy read to place next to Dungeon Meshi, this is it.

I just pray to god someone teaches the writer/artists how to properly panel because rereading the same page three times drives me fucking insane. Still good shit, though. Worth actually buying. Bet the LN is a barrel of fun. If the pearl-clutchers are shitting themselves over pretty girls being drawn pretty and not made super-ugly as they're being tortured, they'd likely shit bricks at a leaflet that has no reason to pull punches the way a comic book does.
I reread the first chapter of the LN just to make sure, but the Goblin Slayer manga is generally more visceral than the LN. In the first chapter of the LN, the monk's rape scene was completely offscreen, though unlike in the anime, there were other raped women in that cave. That said, the LN does say that the goblins use both women and children for their meat shields rather than just women, so it's not that different as far as extreme content goes.
That's a bigger leap than you'd think. Mind you, Saturday morning cartoons get away with some eye-popping things on Tokyo TV (and I mean shit like Mazinger Z tier toons). A publisher could be at risk to PTA-esque pearl clutchers writing angry letters for depiction of women in certain manners. Kids, however, could and would mobilize both those groups and also the butt that sits at the PM seat who has campaigned against juvenile delinquency and obscene and pornographic content. Women as meatshields can be explained away by precedent set very long ago by good ol' Uncle Go. Kids means that studio, channel, and publishers will be picking a fight they might not be able to win.

So yeah, we can count that as an extreme detail, despite the fact it really shouldn't be. But then, the anime hasn't gotten to the Farm Battle yet, so...hell, who knows? I could be wrong.
Amachin wa Jishou is fun because the cute trap is undeniably a hardcore raging faggot rather someone who's just girly. The theme of the manga is basically "Yes, traps are gay!"

Keyman - The Hand of Judgement is an interesting supernatural mystery that takes place in America. Also furryshit, but it's still a fun story

I mention Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo not because it's good but because it's getting an anime. It's ... interesting. It's basically an exercise in how to make the reader hate all of the major characters in the story to some degree and have the protagonist and main girl be likable because they end up being the least scummy out of all of the cast. Well, I personally think that the main protagonist has redeemed himself more or less over time and can at least classify him as a decent person. Everyone else... not so much except maybe the main girl. Maybe. I kind want to see where it ends up, more out of sheer curiosity rather than because I like the characters.

Tsuru Tsuru to Zara Zara no Aida is a cute slice of life romance with a female lizard autist. There isn't a lot of lewd because they are middle schoolers, but it has an accurate representation of a /d/ wet dream.

@TheManWithPants I haven't followed that manga for a while, but I might get back into it again. I must say though, the guy probably should stay a virgin if he knows what's best for him.
(10-13-2018, 03:30 AM)Nin Wrote: @TheManWithPants I haven't followed that manga for a while, but I might get back into it again. I must say though, the guy probably should stay a virgin if he knows what's best for him.

Most def, these women have too much baggage and he should've just kept his distance from them.
I picked up the first volume of How to Build a Dungeon: Book of the Demon King on a whim.

It's a story about some machiavellian bastard who plays Dungeon Keeper IRL (while building a harem). The art is decent and I'm a sucker for light-hearted stories about evil protagonists so I think I'll keep reading.

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