Dolls (Mea's blog thread #371)
Sister thread to the figure one. I'm putting this in shitposting because it'll be even more of a one-man (shit)show than my other threads. Maybe I should just get a blog...

Let's begin!

Because I'm a creep I've always had an interest in those ludicrously expensive Dollfie Dream dolls that creeps play dress up with and take with them to picnic get-togethers with other creeps in the park where everyone looks at them with bewilderment and disgust.

[Image: h2yRnlw.jpg]

[Image: g9I7MMr.png]

These things are in the $600-1,000 price range and I'm poor so I don't own any yet, though that will probably change soon since they're making a 2B one.

While I realize the major draw is supposed to be the exquisite clothing I'm also a massive pervert, so I've always found it unfortunate you can't strip these naked (unless you're really into doll joints). Then I discovered a fairly new Chinese company called Evoke, that makes dolls that offer the same level of articulation as ball-jointed ones but hide the joints under a seamless silicone skin:

[Image: dr7BQv5.png]

[Image: 6EZK93s.png]

They can have soft silicone boobs so your fake doll breasts feel like real fake breasts (whoa), if you pay hundreds of dollars extra (might as well go all in):

[Image: bQWYvhD.jpg]

[Image: 70KY71J.jpg]

[Image: sVjFPD2.jpg]

[Image: VzxE4Gd.jpg]

[Image: XCvESvX.jpg]

Unfortunately these things are even more expensive than a Dollfie Dream, the quality control may be somewhat dodgy, the dolls are heavy enough that customs are required to perform a thorough search (and ruin everything with their filthy hands), and all of the resellers I've seen are Chinese companies that really suck at not looking like complete scam artists.

I'm still going to blow all of this year's holiday pay on one, though STAGE AN INTERVENTION.

Anyway, welcome to the doll thread. Discuss Evoke, Volks, Phicen, anything with too much articulation for the figure thread. Go!
Ummm. There's this korean geisha doll that I think looks really nice.
Sold out though.
Also note when I say korean, I mean the company is Korean. Obviously.
Ah, doll joints. Judging by the pics, the time will come soon when doll tech becomes so advanced that they become unnecessary. It will become a lost fetish soon, much like bloomers.
Doll joints are the sexiest things about dolls.

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