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SMT Strange Journey Redux is basically the same game. While there is a new character, she does not appear much outside of the bonus dungeon and if you don't do the bonus dungeon, the story is basically the same, at least about half way through (just started Sector E).

One weird thing about Redux is that you do the bonus dungeon concurrently with the main story. That wouldn't a bad thing, if the level balance between the main story and the bonus dungeon weren't fucked up. For example, the random encounters of the part of the bonus dungeon you can access during Sector B has demons from late Sector C, and the bonus boss of a given section of the bonus dungeon is always significantly stronger than the corresponding main story section. The difference between Sphere 3's boss and Sector D's boss is particularly huge. I only happened to beat Sphere 3's boss at about level 38 because I got lucky after spamming Tetrakarn while Asura was a breeze. That said, the bonus dungeon sections are pretty fun, so I recommend doing them if you've played the main game before. This does mean that the main game is basically a minor roadblock to you exploring more of the bonus dungeon rather than being the real meat of the game.

Basic gameplay is the same. There are a number of new sub apps which make the game substantially easier than the original (even in hard difficulty) such as one that makes it so you running out of HP in battle isn't a game over until the rest of your currently out demons die), but they are optional. You happen to be able to equip as many sub apps as you want to this time around unlike in the original. The only change that is not optional is that the minimap automatically tracks where you walk in the dark areas if you have the right Visualizer app while the original game did not do this. I think hard difficulty is basically the same as the original game in difficulty otherwise.

A shame that the new art is bad and that the cutscenes are so low budget that they might as well not be there, but they are only minor nuisances at best.
For lack of time to do anything else, I've gone back to trying to sharpen myself on Density 2's PvP landscape. It's abysmal but familiar. Gives my mind something to do as I try to figure out how the hell I managed to suck between being decent at D1 to being utter shite with D2. Doesn't help that devs have nerfed all my melee options, making playing my preferred class completely useless.

Also picked up the new Sega Collection because Shining Force and Landstalker. Regret it so far. EVERYTHING has a notable input lag issue. I'm requesting a refund on that if I don't get some kind of good response from Sega over that.
>he doesn't have an actual genesis with an everdrive
Spent almost 2 hours exploring Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night backer demo #2. It's a massive improvement over the first demo.

Characters blend into the environments way better and monsters are no longer made of colorful Play-Doh.

Voice acting (English only--grumbl) is somehow fine. Still cheesy but not the buffet of it you'd expect. Except the little girl. Fuck the voice and face of that goblin. Unless she's supposed to be a demon in disguise, in which case it's a little on the nose. I don't know if church lady is the milf type from the concept art but her sex appeal was massively nerfed if she is, no doubt to appease the contingent of SJW backers (the real Kickstarter curse).

There's loads of weapon and spell variety in the demo. I found like 20 of each in just 2 hours of content. Also found a sweet pirate hat for Miriam. They retextured the prologue boss and she looks much better now. Still has clearly visible nipple bumps too (small victories). Second boss in the demo doesn't do contact damage and can be cheesed by just walking through him to his other side over and over, locking him into a semi-loop of repeatedly having to turn around (todo: add contact damage). Music is fucking great and exactly what I'd want from a Castlevania successor.

Overall had a great time with this and am now cautiously looking forward to the full game.

o u
Finished Valkyria Chronicles 4. Good game. It's probably even a little better than the first one (I didn't play 2 and 3).

Played through Smash Bros Ultimate's adventure mode and am almost done. I kind of rushed through it since I was planning to unlock all of the characters by Christmas (family and all that), but it was fun nonetheless. Exploring the world is kind of fun in its own right with some occasional puzzles to break up the constant matches you have to do. The plot is less substantial than the subspace embassy of Brawl, but the setting and explorable world map are still really neat. The spirit battles are a neat concept and the way that the battles are structured make it feel like you're fighting the spirit in question. While you do have to grind spirits, you can just give three powerful spirits of the three elements a ton of exp items, and you'll probably be set for the rest of the mode. On average, the spirit battles aren't as good as the event matches in Melee, but some are about as good.

While I could have unlocked the characters faster by spamming Classic mode, that wouldn't have been as fun. Incidentally, this is a fitting theme song for the World of Light.

I've been having fun with that mode too. Also my girl Lucina is fucking top tier this time around. I swear I'm doing so much better with her compared to the shitty 3DS smash.
I just find it hilarious that Pichu of all characters is top tier or at least close to it (Not that I'm nearly good enough of a player for that to matter). He's basically a faster and lighter Pikachu. Spamming Thunder to piss off my family will be more fun than ever!

King K Rool also feels crazy to play as. Occassional Super Armor and an OP recovery is an interesting combination. Ridley's really fun too even though his controls are a bit weird for a flying character. I even had fun trying out Ganondorf since he isn't as slow as molasses anymore.
I just want to unlock bayo already but i suck so much dick at Smash.
Unlocking characters is faster in classic since the only requirement is, "play through classic".
No time or difficulty requirements anymore.
Plus some of the tailored "classic" runs are fun.
Roy, Dark Samus, Palutena, and Bayonetta are some of the last characters you can unlock. So, you're going to have to wait a while for them.

Some notable characters that aren't obtainable until about the halfway mark or so are Luigi, Meta Knight, King K Rool, Ridley, and Incineroar. There's a lot more than that, but that's what I remember off the top of my head.
I tried the demo for Daemon X Machina. It's neat.

1. Character creation is a thing. You can modify your gender, head attributes (hair, eyes, face structure, etc), and the color of your pilot suit, but not much else. You're a self-insert character, basically. Amusingly, many upgrades are tied to physical changes, so don't get too attached to your initial image. For example, improving optics leads to electronic eyes.

2. Your personal mech doesn't have a huge sense of weight since you're spending the game up in the air. That said, ground movement is fun and fast too since the mech moves by sliding across the ground rather than normal walking.

3. Aiming is a non-hassle due to a generous lock on system. The difficulty comes in dodging enemy attacks.

4. If your mech is screwed, then you play as the pilot by himself. You can complete the mission then as you still have some weaponry, with the only catch being that you get a slight money penalty. Though, realistically speaking, unless the boss is already almost dead, you're fucked and going to fail the mission. You can upgrade yourself to improve your chances of winning after your mech is destroyed, but that comes at the cost of not getting upgrades that improve your mech piloting skills directly because of the way the skill tree works.

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